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Meet Rob Roy


Inspired by conversations with multi-millionaires on the golf course, Rob left his 13-year career as a PGA Golf Professional to enter the world of finance. And, in the process of getting his securities licenses, he discovered the wealth-building power of options.


Using an innovative approach to proven strategies, Rob achieved astonishing results trading his own account. And, when some of his wealthy Financial Planning clients asked if they could follow along, he started sending out an email alert every time he made an option trade. Rob and his clients were making boatloads of money.

And everybody was happy.


But as time went on, Rob became increasingly bothered by the well-publicised fact that most traders don’t make money.

Like Rob Roy Macgregor, the famous Scottish folk hero and ancestor after whom Rob was named, Rob felt compelled to help the down-trodden little guy.

Rob Roy and Arnold Palmer

Rob’s career as a winning golf-pro had him rubbing elbows with many legendary greats, such as Arnold Palmer, Sam Snead, Jack Nicklaus, and Greg Norman.

One thing leads to another and before long Rob found himself traveling around the globe as an independent contractor giving seminars on his unique approach to winning 9-out-of-10 trades…and to earning an average annual return of 248%.

Then, when the Affiliation of Financial Newsletter Publishers asked Rob to create the Guaranteed Soaring Profits training series, he saw his chance to reach hundreds of thousands of traders the world over. And he eagerly accepted.

All of which brings us to today… Now, if you act fast, you’ll  have a
chance to reap the benefit of Rob Roy’s unique approach to earning superstar profits… respected by mega-rich clients, trading professionals, and thousands of everyday men and women who, like you, have a burning desire for financial freedom.

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