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Meet Joe Duffy

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   Joe Duffy began his career in the investment business in the 1980s. After five years of trading, he entered the U.S. Trading and Investing Championships on three separate occasions. He finished in the Top Ten every year he entered, with annualized returns of 121%, 243%, and 432%.


   As a direct result of his performances in the trading contests, he was
contacted by a publisher to reveal his strategies and market analysis. He subsequently wrote daily technical market commentary for the banks institutional and corporate clients. Ranked #1 by the prestigious Greenwich Survey of institutional accounts. (This is a survey of all the major banks and institutional clients --- hundreds of participants in this survey the purpose of which is to let the banks see how they are viewed in the institutional community).

For many years, Joe worked as a proprietary trader and technical analyst for a large multinational institution where he initiated and managed multimillion dollar positions. He then decided to leave his prestigious position to pursue his goal of trading from home.

Joe appears regularly at seminars on trading and market analysis and traded successfully with the DNA Market Timing Method showing a phenomenal 1269.7% annualized return.​

  • Highly accomplished career as an institutional prop trader, trading system developer, and financial writer.

  •  Managed Proprietary FX Trading book for one of the worlds largest banks, actively trading positions for the banks account and risk.

  • Registered as a Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) for three years.  Clients who started and finished the program achieved a net return of 124% after brokerage commissions. (99% net return after my incentive fee).

  • Provided research and trading advice to Hedge Fund through February 2017. Using the same algorithms for KeyPoint Options starting February 2017.

  • Innovative developer of trading systems and consultant for institutional clients, drawing on over 25 years of real time trading experience.

  • Results Driven.

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